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improve the functioning
of the lymphatic system
and increase the resistance of your body!

An efficient lymphatic system is the key to 24-hour protection against infection

An efficient immune system significantly increases the chances of a mild course of infection or its avoidance. One of the elements of its efficient functioning is the lymphatic system, which supports the body's immunity 24 hours a day. That is why it is so important to strengthen and stimulate it, especially during times of reduced physical fitness and lack of contact with fresh air.

Lymphocytes in the fight against microorganisms and pathogens

The lymphatic system cooperates with the cardiovascular system and participates in the transport of lymph containing proteins, electrolytes and lymphocytes, which are really valuable for the body. Lymphocytes control attacks on microorganisms and pathogens that are dangerous to health and life.

Adequate immunity only with an efficient lymphatic system

Lazy and dormant lymphocytes may miss or not react quickly enough to pathogens, including viruses, appearing in the body. Such a lowered immune response allows them to multiply and spread.

Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage ensures the proper functioning of the lymphatic system, and thus the immune system.

Lymphatic drainage in the prevention of lymph congestion

Under normal conditions of human functioning, lymph is transported throughout the body due to skeletal muscle contractions. With limited movement and a sedentary lifestyle, this process becomes defective and the lymph circulation is insufficient, which significantly reduces the body's resistance.

Lymphatic drainage is a highly effective technique to support and activate lymphatic drainage. It prevents the formation of congestion and influences proper lymphatic circulation.

Lymphatic drainage at home

Lymphatic drainage requires a great deal of medical and anatomical knowledge from the therapist. Due to the high degree of complexity and exhausting formula, it is carried out in a few health centres and aesthetic medicine clinics, and with the current limitations, it is practically impossible to perform.

Fortunately, lymphatic drainage can be performed at home with the use of artificial intelligence integrated into the BOA MAX 2 medical device for lymphatic drainage and sequential pressure massage (pressotherapy).

Drainage using the Vodder technique

High drainage efficiency is achieved when the groin area is decongested, and then the lymph is effectively drained through the vertical lymphatic vessels (draining the tissue between the toes and the navel) and the horizontal lymphatic vessels draining the lymph from the pelvis.

Only after such initial drainage can you proceed to drainage from the foot to the abdomen. This technique is known in medicine as the VODDER technique. This is also the name of the algorithm that opens any type of drainage in the BOA device.


The highest safety of the procedure

As many as 99% of devices in the world do not have an algorithm compatible with the Vodder technique and it is not possible to regulate the pressure in the chambers. The use of such devices is associated with a high risk of excessive lymph accumulation in the area of its drain to the nodes, causing dangerous oedema and their damage.

Lymphatic system

What may harm it?

Lack of physical activity


Drinking alcohol

Smoking cigarettes

Use of hormonal contraception


How does an efficient lymphatic system work?

Capillaries are the smallest structures of the lymphatic system. Their role is to collect tissue fluid from the interstitial space. Tissue fluid (lymph) contains, among others, water, proteins, large amounts of lymphocytes (immune cells) and enters the bloodstream to exchange substances with blood. Harmful substances which are detected are then collected and exchanged between blood and lymph and carried to the lymph nodes in the lymphatic system, from where they are further transported to be neutralized. This process is based on the difference in pressure between the blood capillaries, where the pressure is high, and the veins, where the pressure is lower. This one-way fluid movement is controlled by the valvulas. The point of contact between the lymphatic system and the circulatory system is the so-called thoracic duct, the role of which is to collect lymph from the upper left part of the body and the entire lower one, transporting it further to the left subclavian vein, and the right lymphatic duct collecting lymph from the upper right part of the body.

What supports it?

Physical activity

Lymphatic drainage

Other applications of the BOA MAX 2 device

Professional care before,
after and during training.

Well-groomed body
without effort.


Algorithms for physiotherapy and sports medicine

You choose the algorithm, pressure, gradient, massage rate, number of cycles and press START

  • 16 independent algorithms for the feet, limb, hands, hands, chest, back, abdomen and buttocks
  • Pressure regulation
  • Gradient adjustment
  • Adjusting the number of cycles
  • Rate control
  • Checking the pressure in the cuff chambers
  • It is possible to set any pressure value for each chamber separately

Algorithms for aesthetic medicine and lymphatic drainage

Choose the algorithm and press START

6 defined programs: slim, slim & cellulite, lymphatic massage, sports massage, relaxing massage, before and after liposuction and cavitation.


Take care of the proper
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